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Petrol in Diesel in Hertfordshire

It is very often that you put wrong fuel in your vehicle’s fuel tank because the diesel fuel cap is bigger than the petrol one. The neck of the diesel pump is wider than the neck of petrol delivery pump. It is more common to put petrol in diesel tank. This mistake can cost you thousands but you do not need to worry Auto fuel doctor has the solution for you. Petrol in diesel can cause serious damage to vehicle. Diesel pump works on high pressure and is lubricated by diesel. Putting wrong fuel in your car means Misfuelling. Diesel vehicle are sometime misfueled with petrol and even the small amount of the petrol is not good for the engine. It is very harmful for the engine lubricity, can also cause the vapour bubbles. If the fuel injection system breaks down then repairing might costs thousands of dollars but you do not need to worry because the auto fuel doctor is here for your help.

Have you put Petrol in Diesel in Hertfordshire

This will cause engine dilution and problem for the engine to work properly. The engine needs to be drained which requires time and efforts. Putting Petrol is dangerous because the diesel not only runs the vehicle but it also lubricates the engine. This lubrication protects engine from friction. When you put the petrol in diesel it acts as solvent and instead of lubricating it acts opposite and it increases the friction in the engine pistons and also the fuel lines. The engine will not start as the petrol enter the engine system.

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Hopefully you will realize your mistake before you pump the petrol in diesel. Putting petrol in diesel is not the end of the world if you have recognized quickly then you might need to stop your vehicle and shut down its engine. Around 150000 people put wrong fuel in their vehicle per year. So it is very common to put wrong fuel. Put your car to a safe place and put it into neutral. The level of damage depends on how long you have driven the car. The more you drive the car the major will be the damage which will affect the injectors, filters and tank.

The solution to take out the wrong fuel is simply by draining it which will reduce the damage of the engine. Auto fuel doctor has the solution for your car simply contact and our team will be on their way to provide services.

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